Thursday, February 23, 2012

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Busy, busy, busy

The whole family has been so busy.

We were so excited for Kate and Josh to move into their house but then we got a phone call that a water pipe had somehow came apart and flooded the whole house!! They had to remove the floors, most of the drywall and try to dry it out. With all that gone we got to look at the wiring and plumbing and it was in horrible shape. So they decided to walk away and look for another.

So...... in the mean time, they had already told their landlady that they would be moving and she had already rented their apartment - so all three of them are living with us until they can find a new place. Talk about a full house. But it is alot of fun having Myles here all the time.

Jessica, Tim and Ethan are doing great. He is getting so big- he is almost crawling!

And last but not least - I have started a new fitness program. It is Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis - a new 30 minute routine every 10 days plus 30 minutes cardio. WOW! I just started my 2nd DVD - day 11-20. It is hard but not boring at all!

I will try and post more often and with more pictures!